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What is GraphQL?

GraphQL is a strongly typed data query language for APIs. If you are not familiar with GraphQL then request you to visit to learn the basics.

Why is Data Protection Services using GraphQL?

Data Protection Services chose GraphQL for its API because it serves the needs of modern applications and use cases that are the reality of today’s technological landscape. It supports the need to build integrated yet diversified solutions that can be harnessed via single point API. Most services provided by Data Protection Services will be available via the GraphQL API.

Even though GraphQL is quite similar to REST, some of the small changes in GraphQL make it a better choice of the use we aim to serve - seamless and easy integration of third party applications with our services.

For further reading please refer to the following articles

About the GraphQL Reference schema

The GraphQL API documentation is generated by the Data Protection Services GraphQL schema. All calls are validated and executed against the schema. You can access this same content via GraphiQL. GraphiQL is an in-browser IDE for exploring GraphQL.